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Observe the Nature of Reality

Collapse the Wave

Medea d'Colchis
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In the begining there was nothing but God, one vast nothing materially, yet all things potentially. One day God turned inward, reflecting upon self. In that instance the Gods were born. God said to the Gods, "go ahead and enjoy, explore, make known all there is to know of me. There are no rules but this." But the Gods could go no place because there was no place but where they were to, go to. Eventually the Gods did as God, the Mother-Father had done. They turned inward, and in doing so created a twin, a mirror consciousness. Now the twin would be the journeyman, the traveler into God, because the Gods could not go anywhere but they were there with God. The Mirror Gods slowed time and journeyed inward, inward again and again, untill they came to the lowest and slowest level, that of Hertzian. To experience this plane, the Mirror Gods split themselves into male and female aspects. They desired the creativity of reproduction, amongst all the other experiences to be had only in a physical body. Once incarnate, however, they soon became lost in physicality. Comfort and survival became more important than making known the unknown, and thus we the Gods, once all powerfull creators, have become trapped and lost, because we have forgotten. I forgot, but now I am waking up.

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Colonel William Tavington - Muse of Burning Away Various -Isms, of Chaos, Ohio, and Travel to Distant Lands.
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